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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

 The Loud Music Company was established in 2020 by North Carolina native, Michael Cole and his California wife, Tina Landon. In 2016, both made the move to Wilmington, NC,  wanting a change from the fast-paced music industry that had been a part of their lives for many years, and to share their knowledge and experience with the local up-and-coming talent.

The Loud Music Company offers Vintage music equipment, Lessons for any age, a fully equipped rehearsal space for local and out-of-town bands to rehearse and/or record, artist development, and much more! The Loud Music company is an experience like no other. Open Monday thru Friday 1pm-7pm and Saturdays by appointment only. 

Our Story

Michael and Tina’s story doesn’t get more 'Hollywood” than this. They met while working on a reality TV show called The One Making a Music Star based in Los Angeles, California. Michael was the “on air” talent while Tina was the behind the scenes “expert”. Oh and by the way we forgot to mention, Tina Landon is a multi-award-winning choreographer, and artistic director who has worked with: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Brittney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, P!nk, Christina Aguilera, Rhianna, and Aerosmith just to name a few. Actually you should just google her, we don’t have space to write it all.

Although the ABC show didn’t last, like REALLY didn’t last, it was canceled after 2 weeks, Michael decided to move from North Carolina to Los Angeles to see what the music industry had to offer.


After performing at all the top Hollywood clubs, the Roxy, the Whiskey, the Viper Room, and writing for various artists landing a number one song on the Swiss Charts for DJ Antoine, Michael took a departure from his own music to create his custom metal work company, Custom MIC. Custom MIC is where he designed and created custom mic stands for music artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Pink, Katy Perry, Alicia get the point. In 2016, Michael and Tina decided to trade earthquakes for hurricanes and give the Southeast a go. After a couple of years of enjoying the beautiful Carolina beaches, their love for music kept calling them back. Realizing there was a real void for quality vintage instruments and rehearsal space in Wilmington, The Loud Music Company was born.

“Our hope for Loud Music Company is that it is an inviting space for all to be inspired and free to cultivate their own creativity. We are here to lend our experience and advice to anyone serious about venturing into the music industry, or those who just want to bang on drums for a while. We are a loud and crazy family, also known as the “Creators of Chaos” and we hope you’ll come join us.”

Meet The Team

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