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Services at Loud Music

We provide lessons for all ages and in many instruments including drums, guitar, bass, piano, vocals, and more. Lessons are one-on-one private hour-long lessons for $50/hour.. Lessons can take place anytime from 1pm, until 8pm Monday thru Friday.


Michael Cole and Tina Landon have spent years working with artists such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Pink!, etc.. Now we are lucky enough to have them teach here. Come in and meet us to get more details about artist development. 

Artist Development

We provide photography for live performances. If interested, please reach out to the store for more details. We can send you pictures from the photographer if you'd like to see their work as well.

Photography for the Band

We provide a personal rehearsal space for either, drums, a piano, and a guitar amp for $40/hour. This includes a sound system with chords and tech to set it up. Load in, set-up, and load out are included in your allocated time.

Rehearsal Space

We provide lessons and help with songwriting for $50/hour. Come with your notebook, ideas, and an open mind and we can help you write the song you've always wanted to hear.


If you are looking for someone to help coach and prepare you for an audition for a talent show or American Idol, etc... We will help you not only sing your songs to the best of your ability, but also be extremely comfortable on stage and with your performance. You can either do $40/.5hr or $80/1hr.

Performance Coach

We have recording spaces for a full band, vocalists, pianists, and drummers. We have recorded bands albums, individual artists vocals, and more. Pricing for recording is case by case so call or message us for more information!

Recording Space

If you are a venue or have a band or wedding that needs sound and lighting we provide those services. Pricing depends on the amount of labor, the space, the equipment, and more. Please message us, call, or stop by for more information. 

Sound Production

Michael and Tina both have many connections in the music industry including producers, songwriters, background singers, main acts/artists, choreographers, casting directors, dancers, and more. From time to time we are so lucky to have one of their friends in the business come and lead a workshop where we are able to hear their stories and experiences and learn from them as well.

Workshops with Professionals

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